Saturday, 1 December 2012

twenty twelve music list

this year i was so so bad at listening to much "new" music (as in anything from 2012) ESPECIALLY full albums. however the bits and pieces i've picked up have been pretty good so i thought i'd make this blog post anyway just for some continuity (i did a list last year)

Monday, 29 October 2012

19th-28th (busy issy)

had a busy week off (a good week off) and i took dead loads of photos to document it cos words are alright but they're not the same are they? words words blah blah blah etc etc (or am i just lazy?)
blogger is a bit confusing to me so i have made some photos big/small but if you click on them i think you can look at them big like a slideshow.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

All Of The Planets Wonders

I wrote something in my diary on the 16th of January i thought was sort-of worth typing up here.

I have been listening to a radio series by Josie Long called "All Of The Planets Wonders" in which she talks about some of the same things which she talks about in her stand up DVD "Trying is Good" - the importance of being earnest, self-improvement and the gathering of knowledge. I appreciated this because my new years resolution was to learn more things, become some sort of female Stephen Fry and "expand my mind", and these radio shows were talking about exactly that! There are four shows, one about animals, one about plants, one about stars and one about collecting things. All very good and important things.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Dallam 12/02/12

slept over at ashleys in dallam with abi/sammie/emily/jean/hollie, went to get the bus with sammie in the morning and on a detour to find ourselves a creme egg for breakfast, we stumbled across some really cool empty buildings next to the corner shop. since i had my camera on me, it felt rude not to take some photos (and then mess around with them until they hurt your eyes)

Friday, 27 January 2012

Idiots On The NME Facebook Page

If you "like" NME on Facebook there's a high chance that you're already aware that everyone who comments on their links is a massive idiot. Pop music hating, indie-stereotype cynics with poor grammar. Usually. Often the opinion of this group of people is the same; if it's new it's bad, if it's cool it's bad, if it's popular it's bad, and ironically since they "like" the NME- If it's written by the NME it's bad. I just thought i'd have a little scroll through and pick out a few gems for you to prove my point. I like to entertain myself by reading the comments in an over the top Adam Buxton voice.
(I'm not going to censor the names because they put these comments out there in a public forum so i think I'm allowed to ridicule them a little bit)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Favourite Songs Of 2011

I spent a lot of 2011 discovering music from the past i missed out on, but i did catch a few good tunes. Here's the best of the best. HAPPY NEW YEAR. xxx