Monday, 29 October 2012

19th-28th (busy issy)

had a busy week off (a good week off) and i took dead loads of photos to document it cos words are alright but they're not the same are they? words words blah blah blah etc etc (or am i just lazy?)
blogger is a bit confusing to me so i have made some photos big/small but if you click on them i think you can look at them big like a slideshow.

friday 19th

some shopping

saturday 20th
"how are you feeling?" by david shrigley @ the cornerhouse (with my cool dad!!!)
thanks for asking david, i'm feeling a-okay. a good exhibition. spot the g-pigs.

(my dad is my art-spiration)

sunday 21st
i went and helped at the trafford centre miranda hart signing and it was exciting and she was lovely and nice and also i bought a really nice coat and some really nice shoes and a really nice jumper and got my summer photos developed (to be posted here shortly v late)

i was in charge of all the gifts people brought her (pictured)

monday 22nd
on monday i made a start of my ZINE

tuesday 23rd
on tuesday i went to London!! i had falafel and went to the tate with my mum and then went and saw c.l.'s halls before i went back to my mums. that day my iphone also arrived. i didn't take any photos then except over excited iphone pics but i deleted them cos they were stupid :( 

wednesday 24th
i went to brighton to see the university of sussex which i liked loads. i made a list of pros and cons for it and the city "in general".

  • nice chips on the pier
  • beach
  • dance dance revolution in the pier arcade
  • cycle lanes
  • evil seagulls the size of small dogs
  • couldnt find charity shops

brighton then and now... the most important change here is from chips-in-cone to chips-in-pizza-box. sophisticated.

thursday 25th
went into london and got a bit lost and did drawing / drinking tea in a pret a manger somewhere near oxford street before going to stay with c.l. for real, watching the simpsons and eating cake and hangin out.

matching colours

friday 26th
went to st.barts pathology museum to see "eat your heart out" with the hkb 'gang'. i got a really delicious cookie, i had salmonella and i got mrsa for c.l. when he finished uni we went shopping on brick lane and then we went out for wagamamas ♥ before going to see adam buxton bug 33 at the bfi southbank. 

scary tube girl (left photo, girl on the right) hashtag london



ADAM!!!! adam buxton walked past me and i screamed and grabbed c.l. and went bright red (allegedly)

saturday 27th
went to see royal holloway university but i didn't like it. it felt like a pretend university, not the real world, very sheltered, the "illusion of choice"as c.l. said. the lecturers were cool though. we were so sleepy cos we got up so early. when we got back we slept for a bit and then ate some dead lush dhal which is probs my new favourite and then watched pee wee hermans big adventure. 

sunday 28th
last day, went on the cable car over the thames, ate a "gourmet burger", sang r kelly, went to the saatchi. said goodbye. :-(



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