Saturday, 13 April 2013

i begin to play...

I went out with my dad and granddad today to the garden centre (lol) via St. Roccos shop in Warrington this afternoon. Pretty poor selection for me today, however i found this Polish piano book for 50p and i couldnt resist the illustrations and bought it. The songs are by Feliks Rybicki and the art is by Janusz Bruchnalski. I found a bit of information about him here and other examples of his work here and here. I think the book is from the 50's or 60's- the only dates are at the bottom of the songs and they're all late 50's. hope you like 'em.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

"living things"

got a bunch of school work books from a car boot sale for a pound, the woman selling them said her friend was "one of them hoarders" and she was helping her out. well she handed them over to another. anyway, i needed to be doing some proper things today but i had "artists block" so i decided to copy this from "beyond the classroom: living things" (1976) to get the creative juices flowing and it took ages but it was fun, i traced the picture first using my iphone as a light box and then painted it with gouache and then inked on top. cool.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

1970's german textbook

best bits of a 70's german text book i found in oxfam, crewe, for 99p with excellent pictures - click to see them best..........