Friday, 27 January 2012

Idiots On The NME Facebook Page

If you "like" NME on Facebook there's a high chance that you're already aware that everyone who comments on their links is a massive idiot. Pop music hating, indie-stereotype cynics with poor grammar. Usually. Often the opinion of this group of people is the same; if it's new it's bad, if it's cool it's bad, if it's popular it's bad, and ironically since they "like" the NME- If it's written by the NME it's bad. I just thought i'd have a little scroll through and pick out a few gems for you to prove my point. I like to entertain myself by reading the comments in an over the top Adam Buxton voice.
(I'm not going to censor the names because they put these comments out there in a public forum so i think I'm allowed to ridicule them a little bit)

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