Saturday, 18 February 2012

All Of The Planets Wonders

I wrote something in my diary on the 16th of January i thought was sort-of worth typing up here.

I have been listening to a radio series by Josie Long called "All Of The Planets Wonders" in which she talks about some of the same things which she talks about in her stand up DVD "Trying is Good" - the importance of being earnest, self-improvement and the gathering of knowledge. I appreciated this because my new years resolution was to learn more things, become some sort of female Stephen Fry and "expand my mind", and these radio shows were talking about exactly that! There are four shows, one about animals, one about plants, one about stars and one about collecting things. All very good and important things.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Dallam 12/02/12

slept over at ashleys in dallam with abi/sammie/emily/jean/hollie, went to get the bus with sammie in the morning and on a detour to find ourselves a creme egg for breakfast, we stumbled across some really cool empty buildings next to the corner shop. since i had my camera on me, it felt rude not to take some photos (and then mess around with them until they hurt your eyes)