Monday, 23 January 2012

Rocky Road Cubes (Without The Nasty Bits)

because everything is ruined by raisins 


(why not decorate a jar for your rocky road cubes?)
(note: doesnt always have to be christmas... chocolate is yummy all year round)


  1. hello issy
    i like this post
    i agree that raisins are bad and i especially feel sad when i think that something is chocolate flavour but it is raisin flavour
    i like the reindeer and it is funny because in one picture it looks like it has been knocked over by the knife!!! it is funny and if i was a reindeer i would like to live on a rocky road mountain

    1. hello kate thank you!! yes raisins disguised as chocolate chips are not cool. hehee!! me too.

  2. hello i feel like i have missed out i really like the circles!!!!