Friday, 23 December 2011

Slow Club, St Phillips Church, Salford, 15/12/11

photo from manchester screenwipe

Last thursday was ace. Got the train with Abi straight after college, and it was nice to spend time with her again, people spotting and laughing at men who looked like Angelos from Shooting Stars and boys i've stalked on Facebook. Calum, in the most Carry On way possible, had to "see a man about an organ" so me and Abi looked in all the shops and i got over-the-top excited about Los Camp! being played in Topshop and fell in love with the irish man on the counter, before finally meeting Calum and got mix and match meal deals from 3 different supermarkets. Abi saw someone from Corrie in the Co-op and shouted "SHE'S FROM CORRIE!" in her direction whilst she was looking at sausages, and i don't think she was too pleased. She rang Adam and we laughed at crappy magazine headlines (Stop Groping Grandma! - the ghost with a thing for Doris) and eventually walked to the church where Slow Club were playing in Salford. Sat down and watched the v adorable Literature Thieves (rumour has it the real Indie Amy is in this band?!) and awaited the dreamy Slow Club. Like, Rebeccas voice is just sooooo beautiful. Everyone got up and danced to Giving Up On Love, swinging arms and clapping, it was really great. Everyone had started off so quietly, i think its something about the church surroundings, but at this song, a bunch of people charged to the front to dance. After that, everyone calmed down for just some gentle swaying for some super lovely Christmas songs, BABY PLEASE COME HOME! and not even crying a tiny bit at Christmas TV (the best song). TWO ENCORES was ace, wanted them to play forever. They didn't play much from Yeah, So.
Afterwards Abi bought a t-shirt but we didn't really speak to Rebecca or Charles from nerves but eventually, (especially on the grounds this was the third time i've seen them and never met them) decided to go back inside and pluck up some courage. Eventually we got them to sign our tickets. Rebecca asked for my name and when i told her she said "Are you Issytweets?!" Well, i just about died on the spot. "Y...esss..." She said i was her FAVOURITE!!! and that i was very sweet when you get some complete idiots on Twitter. She also said "Gareth like loves you too"!!!!!! Like, my two favourite singers ever telling me they love me? A total dream. When we got outside i couldn't stop blushing. And giggling. I would think it was a dream if i didnt have the ticket right in front of me, signed "My favourite girl Issytweets! love Rebecca xxx". She also talked lots about loving Ruby and how much she liked her blog!!
Abi's dad came to pick us up and we had to leave Calum to go back to Newcastle! I spent the entire car journey repeatedly saying "oh my goddddd", though. The best gig. Sometimes it's nice to have your favourite bands confirmed.
(this is not a serious review or anything... this is just a slightly fixed version of a rambly ""diary entry"")

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