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100 Songs I Have Loved And Lost On Last.fm

On the 19th of May 2010, I joined music sharing site Last.fm. Since that day, I've racked up 21,642 plays. You can add me as a friend here. A few days ago, I noticed that I had "loved" exactly 100 songs. Thats when I got the idea to look back through them and see how I feel about those songs now! So, part one: 25 songs "loved" between June and September 2010.

  1. Vampire Weekend - I Think Ur A Contra - Oh god, I had a bit of a thing for VW in early 2010. I had just kind of found my 'best friend' and she was into them too, so they were a big deal. I still like them, but not as much, this really is a great song though and i definitely still "love" it. There's this totally perfect moment towards the end (3:32) when Ezra says "Never pick sides, never choose between two/but i just wanted you, i just wanted you" that makes me get those butterflies music gives you sometimes. It helps that he's super cute too.
  2. The Moldy Peaches - NYC's Like A Graveyard - Yes, I heard of The Moldy Peaches on Juno. But after listening to Moldy Peaches 2000, Unreleased Cutz and Live Jamz, I discovered how seriously great they are. This is my favourite, i think. When i saw Kate Nash in April 2011, it was played beforehand. I was wearing Moldy Peaches t-shirt too, so i sang along feeling rather smug. When we met Kate outside afterwards, she said she liked my shirt. I wore it to Truck Festival 2010, too, and a passing woman shouted at me "THE MOLDY PEACHES FUCKING ROCK!". What more do you need to know? Still a great song.
  3. Magic Kids - Hey Boy - I haven't listened to this song for aaaages. Maybe because the Magic Kids album wasn't as good as this song had promised me, but at the time, I was obsessed with this song. I think I read about it in the NME. Very Beach Boys. "Moon, peek through her blinds/I'm only trying to see if she dreams of me at night"
  4. The Divine Comedy - At The Indie Disco - My mum bought a piano and this is the first song we tried to learn. Still amazing. 
  5. Jose Vanders - Faces Going Places - I first heard this song when I was like, 13 or 14. I'm not a massive fan of Jose's other songs, but this one still makes me smile in a nostalgic sort of way, and I'm up for any song about train stations.
  6. Beans On Toast - I Fancy Laura Marling - Who doesn't, Beans? 
  7. Emmy The Great - Canopies and Drapes - This is without a doubt one of my favourite songs. It contains the perfect line; "my head hurts, i wish i'd never woke up, i feel worse than when s club 7 broke up"
  8. Islet - Holly - Islet supported Los Campesinos! when i saw them at the start of 2010; they were ace. Not so bothered about the way they sound recorded, but this is my favourite one off their first EP. 
  9. Heartbeeps - Baby (Justin Bieber cover) - Heartbeeps AKA Craig from Internet Forever is brilliant. This lo-fi cover of what, lets be honest- IS A GREAT POP SONG, is literally perfect. When I first downloaded this, I walked around singing "I'll buy you a-n-y ring!" for daaays.
  10. Los Campesinos! - C Is The Heavenly Option (Heavenly cover) - I should warn you right now, that Los Campesinos! are my favourite band ever. Therefore, they feature a lot on this list. Of course, I still love this cover- and it introduced me to Heavenly.
  11. Slow Club - Sunday - I heard this song on a summer mix tape someone uploaded on Tumblr. I already loved Slow Club but i didn't know this song, it seems to me to be an earlier song by them, more twee and less "mature" than the songs on Yeah, So and Paradise, but still really sweet. They must have had lots of songs like this on their MySpace or something, as others like Biology Hearts and Pirates are on Youtube. I think i prefer their newer stuff, but Sunday is really a lovely song. 
  12. Mystery Jets - Dreaming Of Another World - Gosh, I completely forgot about this song. I had one of those obsessions with this song, you know where you listen to it loads and loads of repeat until it loses its shine? Just like that. Its still good, and I DO like Mystery Jets, but they're not my favourite or anything. I am totally doing an in-chair dance right now though.
  13. Perfume Genius - Learning - Still love this. I don't think words can justify it though, you have to listen. Some days are just Perfume Genius days.
  14. Be Your Own Pet - Becky - WE DONT LIKE BECKY ANYMORE! Wait, no, I do. I had a BYOP phase. I think I overplayed this song, though, and it lost most of its magic. I still like BYOP, but i probably listen to Jemina Pearls solo album more. 
  15. The Joy Formidable - Cradle - I don't like The Joy Formidable, but this song is good. It gets in your head and I love the singers voice.
  16. The Answering Machine - Tomorrow - How did I hear about The Answering Machine? I don't really remember. Tomorrow is just a perfect song. Me, Abi and Adam went to see them in Crewe, and only us and 2 other people actually stood and watched because it was a Freshers thing, so we sang along as loudly as possible. One of the guys told us he had come all the way from America to see them though, that's certainly something. They didn't play Tomorrow. I think i will always think of this song as Good Times, no matter what. It's proper lovely. ("just kiss me now, lets get into trouble")
  17. Los Campesinos! - You'll Need Those Fingers For Crossing - More LC!!! Oh jeez. Again, of course i still love this one. There's a possiblity this is my favourite LC! song, but i don't want to dwell on them too much because i'll get all embarrassing and fangirly. 
  18. Pavement - Gold Soundz - I started listening to Pavement because of people talking about them on Tumblr. Stereo was on the mixtape i wrote about earlier with Slow Club's Sunday on it, and i found i really liked them. I haven't listened to them for a while now, but i do still like this song. I remember telling my mum i liked Pavement when pointing out band t-shirts when we were in Camden and her saying they were more "her time", something that i have heard a lot of recently since my music taste has become older. I associate them and this song especially with lying on the beach in Portugal in 2010. A very good summer. 
  19. Blood Red Shoes - I Wish I Was Someone Better - Truck 2010! Blood Red Shoes played after Los Campesinos! and they were so loud I got a migraine and had to leave halfway through Teenage Fanclub. Havent listened to them for a while, but this song has still got a great chorus.
  20. The Kabeedies - Lovers Ought To - Kabeedies were a band i discovered via Last.fm and well, this is such a fun song for dancing on the bed to. Not that i do that. Ever.
  21. Dananananaykroyd - Black Wax - This song is a difficult one. I first heard it on free download from the iTunes store, upon my brothers vague mention of them (that stupid, stupid band name was easy to remember!) and it became the song to soundtrack 2010 for me. I'm not sure it came out in 2010, like, but I remember lying in bed listening to their album Watch This! and singing it in the dark with my best friend at the time. This year, their break up was a big moment for me too because of all that. But i don't think i want to talk about that too much. I still love the song, i'm so glad i got to see them at Tramlines before they split up. It still tugs a few heartstrings. 
  22. Johnny Foreigner - Things We Should Have Left On The Beach - I love this one still, so much so that i made the music video myself. I went to an open mic night and upon missing the last bus home, i made some friends who were a few years older than me who i'd overheard were getting the same train home. The friend i was with stopped to talk to someone and me and the boys had to run down the street in the dark to make sure we were at the station on time. We played my ukulele on the platform, we talked on the train. They asked me what uni i went to! I was only 15 at the time, so was very smug about this. My phone was dead and it was quite exciting really, like a movie or something. Theres a verse in this song that really clicked with me for that, how spontaneous night time adventures always are the best: "but i worked it out: the last however many months of fleeting friendships, goodnights and good nights, on that beach under those stars i would have spilled everything to the first pretty face i fell across. and, at least i picked the prettiest"
  23. Slow Club - It's Christmas And You're Boring Me - Oh Rebecca and her perfect voice. This song is still lovely. At the time i "loved" this song last year, i was feeling something similar to S.C (although obviously not anything to do with getting married)...  I was losing a very good friend and i just didn't know if i cared enough, but i didn't want to hurt anyone either. SIGH. I'm going to see Slow Club perform Christmas songs in a church on Thursday in Manchester. I am likely to cry; all of their Christmas songs are perfect. Wait what am i saying? All of their songs FULL STOP are perfect. (Not that a full stop would be the correct grammar there).
  24. Los Campesinos! - Letters From Me To Charlotte (RSVP) - Remember what i said about being embarrassing and fangirly earlier? Well, last year, both Aleks and Ollie left Los Campesinos!- Rumour had it they were on the verge of splitting up. I'd only discovered them that February, and I just love(d) them so much i didn't want them to break up yet. So i did, obviously, what any rational fan would do. I wrote them a letter. I wrote about my favourite Los Camp songs, my favourite lyrics, my plans to see them at Truck, and begged them to please, please not split up. I know. I am cringing too. A month or so later, they brought out an EP of reworked songs from Romance Is Boring, with new vocals from Kim Campesinos, and promised they weren't splitting up. A MIRACLE! And oh, those vocals were brilliant...
  25. Flamboyant Bella - Abbi - Found this on Spotify, it doesn't have a good story to go with it really; just a nice song. Prettiest vocals.
Uh... to be continued... probably...

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