Friday, 9 December 2011

I am an art lover, and a music lover, but mostly i'm an aesthetics
lover. At the Lisbon Design Museum, i nearly burst with joy. Literally. I was hyperventilating about perfect dresses and tables and chairs, everything was RIGHT. I think maybe this obsession with aesthetics is what makes Tumblr and Flickr so appealing because its like a constant stream of goodness. So, i thought i'd just do a trawl for some of the most aesthetically pleasing images and post them here, for when i next get Design Withdrawal Symptoms. 

sunset children's rooms & play yards - insane sliding carpet room
sunset children's rooms & play yards - shiny walls
sunset children's rooms & play yards - orange room with aquarium and tunnel
These images are from this Flickr featuring lots of perfect scans and stuff. 1970s childrens interior design from a book called Sunset Children's Rooms & Play Yards.

oddball wicker park row buildingdessau masters' houses - both stairwellsBalfron Tower, Poplar
Pink EyePink eye Building WarringtonHabitat '67 at Expo '67 - Montreal, Quebec
Buildings that are really good arent they? I dont know if its the influence of Tumblr etc. on what i think looks good, but i've grown to love all different kinds of buildings and things recently. I showed my friend one of my favourite little rows of houses near Tesco in town (sloped roofs and coloured doors) but she said they were ugly. I think maybe i have a rosey tinted look on them now, but i walk past almost every building i see and smile because its so pretty. I suppose thats a good outlook to have though. These are just a selection of some i found on Flickr. (Trellick Tower - Emmy The Great)
ALL Knitwear FW-2011

snoopy stickers

Pee-wee Herman Portrait Plate
Grayson Perry install

I dont know, its difficult to explain what draws me to things. But recently ive been thinking a lot about how i am not a particularly good writer (as you are experiencing right now) and i could never write a great song or a beautiful poem, and my drawings and photographs are okay at best, but i know that i think with my eyes and in a "creative" way, even if i find it difficult to actually "create" anything. Maybe i will find something i can do with this eventually. For now though i will just spend hours staring at Flickr.
(everything should have a click-through to flickr and things. apologies for my awfulness.)

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