Monday, 9 September 2013

a trip to wigan and a charity shop origami book

Here are some scans from a book I picked up in a charity shop called Good Samaritans in Wigan. I think it's an origami book and the illustrations are super duper cute. The rest of the shop was pretty rubbish but I was drawn to this book and got it for 25p.
I actually had a surprisingly good day when I went to Wigan! Checked out "Cassette Store Day" at Static Records which is lovely and full of nice people. I got 2 tapes but haven't listened to them yet. I rummaged around the charity shops for a few hours and found one shop where all the clothes were £1! I got a black H&M mini skirt and a blazer, and a cute cushion cover for £2.50 in total. I got Lilo and Stitch for my sister on DVD and cried like a baby when we watched it. Then I had lunch at a cute veggie cafe called The Coven - I had Chinese vegetable fritters and noodles. Yum yum. I aso had a look in the 'normal' shops and got a tartan skirt in H&M and some earrings with horses on in the Topshop sale.



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