Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Going away to college

So, if you follow me on my other social networking outlets you are likely to know that on the 15th of August I recieved the A Level results I wanted (AAB) and will be going to The University Of Sussex in September to study Philosophy and English. You will also know I am EXTREMELY excited about it. One of my friends told me not to romantisice it too much but it's all I can do right now. I have turned into Carey Mulligan in An Education.

Sussex is a great university near to Brighton, a lovely city, which - perfect for me - was built in the 1960s in true 1960's brutalist design. I know that when I arrive I will spend all my time pretending I AM in the 60's. I am even planning my outfits around this inevitability. Along with this, I have spent a LOT of time scowering this Flickr account "Sussex Scrapbook", where they post images from the uni's past. The black-and-white pictures of mini skirted girls are a serious inspiration to me right now.

Sigh!! It's dreamy. Like I said, I'm getting very excited now and all I wanna do is get outta here and explore. I was going to post a whole load of pictures that are "inspiring" me at the moment but, since I am already keeping a kinda inspiration diary on tumblr, I have just tagged some of the posts that give you an idea of the sorts of things I can't stop thinking about at the moment... classic "school girl" outfits, oranges and yellows, the beach and shells, plants, plaid skirts and turtle necks, the 60's (of course), brutalist and modernist buildings, autumn, books, bikes, new friends, ginger hair, growing my hair out, loafers, stationary, glasses and wildlife. I would have tagged more but it was making my computer lag, but you get the picture. Here are just a few of the most "important" pictures.

National Geographic June 1969 - Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, Massachusetts

70s Seventeen Magazine scans from "justseventeen" - especially the 'preppy' tag

Ali Bosworth (duffle coat, ginger bob, red, the seaside 10/10)

Ahhh. I just can't wait to go - even though I will be sad leaving. At least I have a trip to Ikea to look forward to - I plan to decorate my room in oranges, yellows, and reds, bcause I got this great pillow case in a junk shop for 50p...

Plus I got these groovy cups from a charity shop for a couple of quid...

And these red mugs were a gift from my grandma from Margate when I went to stay a few days ago.

PLUS my mum got me a cute crochet blanket on eBay, so everything is going to be very colourful!
I'll be in touch with pictures then, of course. 
Issy x


  1. congratz on going to college in sussex!! i'm studying english and philosophy over here in toronto, that's amazing.
    + an education is a gr8 movie. i wish you all the best in your uni ventures girl

    xoxo tara

    1. wow that's cool!! i've never done philosophy before, but i'm excited to start! thank you very much, good luck in yours too!! x

  2. Hi I study English at Sussex and a friend of mine does philosophy and English too
    Hope you love it like we do! Oh and I spend a LOT of my time pretending it's the 60s

    Aida x

    1. Hello!! That's great!! Maybe I'll see you there! I'm REALLY, insanely excited- only 2 weeks left to go! I picked my modules this morning and I feel like it is just getting more and more exciting. I've never done philosophy before (though I just finished A Level English Lit) but the more I read about it, the more excited I get. And phew re: the 60's thing!! Don't wanna look like a total idiot. x

  3. Why didn't you continue with your blog Isobel?
    I mean, when was the last time you updated it?
    I read your book 'The Isobel Journal'. It's great!