Sunday, 3 November 2013

New drawing + things

Hey Internet, heres a little drawing I did yesterday that I particularly liked. I wanted to post it but I thought I should probably write something to go with it but I didn't really know what. So here are just Some Things I've Been Doing... The last week I've been off uni and back at home, which has been really nice- as you saw from the last post I was starting to really miss it. It was surreal, I'd only been away for 6 weeks but it felt like it had been forever. Then I went to stay at my friends for Halloween and we saw Frankenstein (the Nation Theatre production) at the cinema, and on Friday night I saw a Q&A on Regent Street with Simon Amstell (my hero) and it was ace, I asked him a question and it'll be on the podcast of the event hopefully!!! Will post about that then with a link if I remember. Now I just really need to do my work which is due in on Monday!!! eeeeek. I am slightly doing this blog post just to avoid doing an essay on T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land" (stupid poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 
Anyway here you go, a drawing of a girl looking at herself in the mirror in her pants and thinking about how cool it is being a girl, probably. See ya x


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  1. i love your drawings! cant wait to get my hands on your book too <3

    amy from